About MarketSquares

Why are we doing this?

Local, siloed, markets are fundamentally different than ones at national or larger scale. We feel there is a strength and advantage to these markets that needs to be explored.

Facebook, Trademe and Ebay all serve their markets well but leave no room for the diversity that is released when communities and individuals can own, manage and benefit from their own projects and data. we believe the ability to create, own and monetize small markets will generate new use cases impossible in the current large scale ones.

We're working towards a future where these 'sovereign' markets can collaborate to a greater federated whole, a 'meta' market where users can follow and interact with the markets they trust around the interests and locations that interest them without signing up to a centralized service with data harvesting at it's core.

Incentives, transparency, simplicity and inclusivity are our guiding lights.

Who are we?

Marketsquares has been created by Gwilym Griffith-Jones and Lloyd Weehuizen, we live in Wanaka, New Zealand.